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The X-Loritans attack, but you have the power to show them the way...
We are a MOO that provides you the best space fighting experience ever! Whether you want to kill the X-Loritan aliens in a deadly hand-to-hand combat, haul some asteroids, harvest rare minerals from them, salvage debris, fight against alien starships and alien species, or go for a little delivering run, Prometheus is the right MOO for you! Our hosts are the kind ones, and you will find out that you really can improve yourself and your skills in the vibrant, ever changing world of Prometheus. Help is always appreciated, but the most important, always given! If this got you interested, use your favourite MUD client, and connect to our game with the following address:
address:, port 2223.

If you are a blind or a visually impaired player, or use VipMud, here is the soundpack for Prometheus:
Note: The pack is also usable on another MOO called spaceworlds.
The humans and the x-loritans fight eternally...

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